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DOS Floppy Disk Boot Sector

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Disassembly of a DOS Floppy Boot Sector

Note: I will leave it to someone else to provide you with a disassembly of an OS/2 HPFS boot sector, or a Linux boot sector, or a WinNT boot sector, etc.

This article is a disassembly of a floppy disk boot sector for a DOS floppy. The boot sector of a floppy disk is located at cylinder 0, head 0, sector 1. This sector is created by a floppy disk formating program, such as the DOS FORMAT program. The boot sector of a FAT hard disk partition has a similar layout and function. Basically a bootable FAT hard disk partition looks like a big floppy during the early stages of the system's boot processing.

At the completion of your system's Power On Self Test (POST), INT 19 is called. Usually INT 19 tries to read a boot sector from the first floppy drive. If a boot sector is found on the floppy disk, the that boot sector is read into memory at location 0000:7C00 and INT 19 jumps to memory location 0000:7C00. However, if no boot sector is found on the first floppy drive, INT 19 tries to read the MBR from the first hard drive. If an MBR is found it is read into memory at location 0000:7c00 and INT 19 jumps to memory location 0000:7c00. The small program in the MBR will attempt to locate an active (bootable) partition in its partition table. If such a partition is found, the boot sector of that partition is read into memory at location 0000:7C00 and the MBR program jumps to memory location 0000:7C00. Each operating system has its own boot sector format. The small program in the boot sector must locate the first part of the operating system's kernel loader program (or perhaps the kernel itself or perhaps a "boot manager program") and read that into memory.

INT 19 is also called when the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys are used. On most systems, CTRL-ALT-DEL causes an short version of the POST to be executed before INT 19 is called.

Where stuff is

Summary of what this thing does

  1. Copy Diskette Parameter Table which is pointed to by INT 1E.
  2. Alter the copy of the Diskette Parameter Table.
  3. Alter INT 1E to point to altered Diskette Parameter Table.
  4. Do INT 13 AH=00, disk reset call.
  5. Compute sector address of root directory.
  6. Read first sector of root directory into 0000:0500.
  7. Confirm that first two directory entries are for IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS.
  8. Read first 3 sectors of IO.SYS into 0000:0700 (or 0070:0000).
  9. Leave some information in the registers and jump to IO.SYS at 0070:0000.

Note: This program uses the CHS based INT 13H AH=02 to read the FAT root directory and to read the IO.SYS file. If the drive is >528MB, this CHS must be a translated CHS (or L-CHS, see my BIOS TYPES document). Except for internal computations no addresses in LBA form are used, another reason why LBA does not solve the >528MB problem.

Entire sector in hex and ASCII

OFFSET 0 1 2 3  4 5 6 7  8 9 A B  C D E F  *0123456789ABCDEF*
000000 eb3c904d 53444f53 352e3000 02010100 *...MSDOS5.0.....*
000010 02e00040 0bf00900 12000200 00000000 *...@............*
000020 00000000 0000295a 5418264e 4f204e41 *......)ZT..NO NA*
000030 4d452020 20204641 54313220 2020fa33 *ME    FAT12   .3*
000040 c08ed0bc 007c1607 bb780036 c5371e56 *.....|...x.6.7.V*
000050 1653bf3e 7cb90b00 fcf3a406 1fc645fe *.S..|.........E.*
000060 0f8b0e18 7c884df9 894702c7 073e7cfb *....|.M..G....|.*
000070 cd137279 33c03906 137c7408 8b0e137c *..ry3.9..|t....|*
000080 890e207c a0107cf7 26167c03 061c7c13 *.. |..|...|...|.*
000090 161e7c03 060e7c83 d200a350 7c891652 *..|...|....P|..R*
0000a0 7ca3497c 89164b7c b82000f7 26117c8b *|.I|..K|. ....|.*
0000b0 1e0b7c03 c348f7f3 0106497c 83164b7c *..|..H....I|..K|*
0000c0 00bb0005 8b16527c a1507ce8 9200721d *......R|.P|...r.*
0000d0 b001e8ac 0072168b fbb90b00 bee67df3 *.....r........}.*
0000e0 a6750a8d 7f20b90b 00f3a674 18be9e7d *.u... .....t...}*
0000f0 e85f0033 c0cd165e 1f8f048f 4402cd19 *._.3...^....D...*
000100 585858eb e88b471a 48488a1e 0d7c32ff *XXX...G.HH...|2.*
000110 f7e30306 497c1316 4b7cbb00 07b90300 *....I|..K|......*
000120 505251e8 3a0072d8 b001e854 00595a58 *PRQ.:.r....T.YZX*
000130 72bb0501 0083d200 031e0b7c e2e28a2e *r..........|....*
000140 157c8a16 247c8b1e 497ca14b 7cea0000 *.|..$|..I|.K|...*
000150 7000ac0a c07429b4 0ebb0700 cd10ebf2 *p....t).........*
000160 3b16187c 7319f736 187cfec2 88164f7c *;..|s..6.|....O|*
000170 33d2f736 1a7c8816 257ca34d 7cf8c3f9 *3..6.|..%|.M|...*
000180 c3b4028b 164d7cb1 06d2e60a 364f7c8b *.....M|.....6O|.*
000190 ca86e98a 16247c8a 36257ccd 13c30d0a *.....$|.6%|.....*
0001a0 4e6f6e2d 53797374 656d2064 69736b20 *Non-System disk *
0001b0 6f722064 69736b20 6572726f 720d0a52 *or disk error..R*
0001c0 65706c61 63652061 6e642070 72657373 *eplace and press*
0001d0 20616e79 206b6579 20776865 6e207265 * any key when re*
0001e0 6164790d 0a00494f 20202020 20205359 *ady...IO      SY*
0001f0 534d5344 4f532020 20535953 000055aa *SMSDOS   SYS..U.*

The BPB and other data areas

The first 62 bytes of a boot sector are known as the BIOS Parameter Block (BPB). Here is the layout of the BPB fields and the values they are assigned in this boot sector:

   db JMP instruction      at 7c00 size  2 = eb3c
   db NOP instruction         7c02       1   90
   db OEMname                 7c03       8   'MSDOS5.0'
   dw bytesPerSector          7c0b       2   0200
   db sectPerCluster          7c0d       1   01
   dw reservedSectors         7c0e       2   0001
   db numFAT                  7c10       1   02
   dw numRootDirEntries       7c11       2   00e0
   dw numSectors              7c13       2   0b40 (ignore numSectorsHuge)
   db mediaType               7c15       1   f0
   dw numFATsectors           7c16       2   0009
   dw sectorsPerTrack         7c18       2   0012
   dw numHeads                7c1a       2   0002
   dd numHiddenSectors        7c1c       4   00000000
   dd numSectorsHuge          7c20       4   00000000
   db driveNum                7c24       1   00
   db reserved                7c25       1   00
   db signature               7c26       1   29
   dd volumeID                7c27       4   5a541826
   db volumeLabel             7c2b      11   'NO NAME   '
   db fileSysType             7c36       8   'FAT12   '

The first 3 bytes of the BPB are JMP and NOP instructions.

0000:7C00 EB3C        JMP     START
0000:7C02 90          NOP

Rest of the BPB.

0000:7C00 ......4d 53444f53 352e3000 02010100 *   MSDOS5.0.....*
0000:7C10 02e00040 0bf00900 12000200 00000000 *...@............*
0000:7C20 00000000 0000295a 5418264e 4f204e41 *......)ZT.&NO NA*
0000:7C30 4d452020 20204641 54313220 2020.... *ME    FAT12     *

Now pay attention here...

The 11 bytes starting at 0000:7c3e are immediately overlaid by information copied from another part of memory. That information is the Diskette Parameter Table. This data is pointed to by INT 1E. This data is:

The 11 bytes starting at 0000:7c49 are also overlaid by the following data:

Disassembly of the boot sector

               START:                        START OF BOOT SECTOR PROGRAM

0000:7C3E FA          CLI                          interrupts off
0000:7C3F 33C0        XOR     AX,AX                set AX to zero
0000:7C41 8ED0        MOV     SS,AX                SS is now zero
0000:7C43 BC007C      MOV     SP,7C00              SP is now 7c00
0000:7C46 16          PUSH    SS                   also set ES
0000:7C47 07          POP     ES                      to zero

                              The INT 1E vector is at 0000:0078.
                              Get the address that the vector points to
                              into the DS:SI registers.

0000:7C48 BB7800      MOV     BX,0078              BX is now 78
0000:7C4B 36          SS:
0000:7C4C C537        LDS     SI,[BX]              DS:SI is now [0:78]
0000:7C4E 1E          PUSH    DS                   save DS:SI --
0000:7C4F 56          PUSH    SI                      saves param tbl addr
0000:7C50 16          PUSH    SS                   save SS:BX --
0000:7C51 53          PUSH    BX                      saves INT 1E address

                              Move the diskette param table to 0000:7c3e.

0000:7C52 BF3E7C      MOV     DI,7C3E              DI is address of START
0000:7C55 B90B00      MOV     CX,000B              count is 11
0000:7C58 FC          CLD                          clear direction
0000:7C59 F3          REPZ                         move the diskette param
0000:7C5A A4          MOVSB                           table to 0000:7c3e
0000:7C5B 06          PUSH    ES                   also set DS
0000:7C5C 1F          POP     DS                      to zero

                              Alter some of the diskette param table data.

0000:7C5D C645FE0F    MOV     BYTE PTR [DI-02],0F  change head settle time
                                                      at 0000:7c47
0000:7C61 8B0E187C    MOV     CX,[7C18]            sectors per track
0000:7C65 884DF9      MOV     [DI-07],CL              save at 0000:7c42

                              Change INT 1E so that it points to the
                              altered Diskette param table at 0000:7c3e.

0000:7C68 894702      MOV     [BX+02],AX           change INT 1E segment
0000:7C6B C7073E7C    MOV     WORD PTR [BX],7C3E   change INT 1E offset

                              Call INT 13 with AX=0000, disk reset, so
                              that the new diskette param table is used.

0000:7C6F FB          STI                          interrupts on
0000:7C70 CD13        INT     13                   do diskette reset call
0000:7C72 7279        JB      TALK                 jmp if any error

                              Detemine the starting sector address of
                              the root directory as an LBA.

0000:7C74 33C0        XOR     AX,AX                AX is now zero
0000:7C76 3906137C    CMP     [7C13],AX            number sectros zero?
0000:7C7A 7408        JZ      SMALL_DISK           yes
0000:7C7C 8B0E137C    MOV     CX,[7C13]            number of sectors
0000:7C80 890E207C    MOV     [7C20],CX            save in huge num sects


0000:7C84 A0107C      MOV     AL,[7C10]            number of FAT tables
0000:7C87 F726167C    MUL     WORD PTR [7C16]      number of fat sectors
0000:7C8B 03061C7C    ADD     AX,[7C1C]            number of hidden sectors
0000:7C8F 13161E7C    ADC     DX,[7C1E]            number of hidden sectors
0000:7C93 03060E7C    ADD     AX,[7C0E]            number of reserved sectors
0000:7C97 83D200      ADC     DX,+00               number of reserved sectors
0000:7C9A A3507C      MOV     [7C50],AX            save start addr
0000:7C9D 8916527C    MOV     [7C52],DX               of root dir (as LBA)
0000:7CA1 A3497C      MOV     [7C49],AX            save start addr
0000:7CA4 89164B7C    MOV     [7C4B],DX               of root dir (as LBA)

                              Determine sector address of first sector
                              in the data area as an LBA.

0000:7CA8 B82000      MOV     AX,0020              size of a dir entry (32)
0000:7CAB F726117C    MUL     WORD PTR [7C11]      number of root dir entries
0000:7CAF 8B1E0B7C    MOV     BX,[7C0B]            bytes per sector
0000:7CB3 03C3        ADD     AX,BX
0000:7CB5 48          DEC     AX
0000:7CB6 F7F3        DIV     BX
0000:7CB8 0106497C    ADD     [7C49],AX            add to start addr
0000:7CBC 83164B7C00  ADC     WORD PTR [7C4B],+00     of root dir (as LBA)

                              Read the first root dir sector into 0000:0500.

0000:7CC1 BB0005      MOV     BX,0500              addr to read into
0000:7CC4 8B16527C    MOV     DX,[7C52]            get start of address
0000:7CC8 A1507C      MOV     AX,[7C50]               of root dir (as LBA)
0000:7CCB E89200      CALL    CONVERT              call conversion routine
0000:7CCE 721D        JB      TALK                 jmp is any error
0000:7CD0 B001        MOV     AL,01                read 1 sector
0000:7CD2 E8AC00      CALL    READ_SECTORS         read 1st root dir sector
0000:7CD5 7216        JB      TALK                 jmp if any error
0000:7CD7 8BFB        MOV     DI,BX                addr of 1st dir entry
0000:7CD9 B90B00      MOV     CX,000B              count is 11
0000:7CDC BEE67D      MOV     SI,7DE6              addr of file names
0000:7CDF F3          REPZ                         is this "IO.SYS"?
0000:7CE0 A6          CMPSB
0000:7CE1 750A        JNZ     TALK                 no
0000:7CE3 8D7F20      LEA     DI,[BX+20]           addr of next dir entry
0000:7CE6 B90B00      MOV     CX,000B              count is 11
0000:7CE9 F3          REPZ                         is this "MSDOS.SYS"?
0000:7CEA A6          CMPSB
0000:7CEB 7418        JZ      FOUND_FILES          they are equal


                              Display "Non-System disk..." message,
                              wait for user to hit a key, restore
                              the INT 1E vector and then
                              call INT 19 to start boot processing
                              all over again.

0000:7CED BE9E7D      MOV     SI,7D9E              "Non-System disk..."
0000:7CF0 E85F00      CALL    MSG_LOOP             display message
0000:7CF3 33C0        XOR     AX,AX                INT 16 function
0000:7CF5 CD16        INT     16                   read keyboard
0000:7CF7 5E          POP     SI                   get INT 1E vector's
0000:7CF8 1F          POP     DS                      address
0000:7CF9 8F04        POP     [SI]                 restore the INT 1E
0000:7CFB 8F4402      POP     [SI+02]                 vector's data
0000:7CFE CD19        INT     19                   CALL INT 19 to try again


0000:7D00 58          POP     AX                   pop junk off stack
0000:7D01 58          POP     AX                   pop junk off stack
0000:7D02 58          POP     AX                   pop junk off stack
0000:7D03 EBE8        JMP     TALK                 now talk to the user


                              Compute the sector address of the first
                              sector of IO.SYS.

0000:7D05 8B471A      MOV     AX,[BX+1A]           get starting cluster num
0000:7D08 48          DEC     AX                   subtract 1
0000:7D09 48          DEC     AX                   subtract 1
0000:7D0A 8A1E0D7C    MOV     BL,[7C0D]            sectors per cluster
0000:7D0E 32FF        XOR     BH,BH
0000:7D10 F7E3        MUL     BX                   multiply
0000:7D12 0306497C    ADD     AX,[7C49]            add start addr of
0000:7D16 13164B7C    ADC     DX,[7C4B]               root dir (as LBA)

                              Read IO.SYS into memory at 0000:0700.  IO.SYS
                              is 3 sectors long.

0000:7D1A BB0007      MOV     BX,0700              address to read into
0000:7D1D B90300      MOV     CX,0003              read 3 sectors


                              Read the first 3 sectors of IO.SYS
                              (IO.SYS is much longer than 3 sectors).

0000:7D20 50          PUSH    AX                   save AX
0000:7D21 52          PUSH    DX                   save DX
0000:7D22 51          PUSH    CX                   save CX
0000:7D23 E83A00      CALL    CONVERT              call conversion routine
0000:7D26 72D8        JB      SETUP_TALK           jmp if error
0000:7D28 B001        MOV     AL,01                read one sector
0000:7D2A E85400      CALL    READ_SECTORS         read one sector
0000:7D2D 59          POP     CX                   restore CX
0000:7D2E 5A          POP     DX                   restore DX
0000:7D2F 58          POP     AX                   restore AX
0000:7D30 72BB        JB      TALK                 jmp if any INT 13 error
0000:7D32 050100      ADD     AX,0001              add one to the sector addr
0000:7D35 83D200      ADC     DX,+00               add one to the sector addr
0000:7D38 031E0B7C    ADD     BX,[7C0B]            incr mem addr by sect size
0000:7D3C E2E2        LOOP    READ_LOOP            read next sector

                              Leave information in the AX, BX, CX and DX
                              registers for IO.SYS to use.  Finally,
                              jump to IO.SYS at 0070:0000.

0000:7D3E 8A2E157C    MOV     CH,[7C15]            media type
0000:7D42 8A16247C    MOV     DL,[7C24]            drive number
0000:7D46 8B1E497C    MOV     BX,[7C49]            get start addr of
0000:7D4A A14B7C      MOV     AX,[7C4B]               root dir (as LBA)
0000:7D4D EA00007000  JMP     0070:0000            JUMP TO 0070:0000


                              This routine displays a message using
                              INT 10 one character at a time.
                              The message address is in DS:SI.

0000:7D52 AC          LODSB                        get message character
0000:7D53 0AC0        OR      AL,AL                end of message?
0000:7D55 7429        JZ      RETURN               jmp if yes
0000:7D57 B40E        MOV     AH,0E                display one character
0000:7D59 BB0700      MOV     BX,0007              video attrbiutes
0000:7D5C CD10        INT     10                   display one character
0000:7D5E EBF2        JMP     MSG_LOOP             do again

                              This routine
                              converts a sector address (an LBA) to
                              a CHS address.  The LBA is in DX:AX.

0000:7D60 3B16187C    CMP     DX,[7C18]            hi part of LBA > sectPerTrk?
0000:7D64 7319        JNB     SET_CARRY            jmp if yes
0000:7D66 F736187C    DIV     WORD PTR [7C18]      div by sectors per track
0000:7D6A FEC2        INC     DL                   add 1 to sector number
0000:7D6C 88164F7C    MOV     [7C4F],DL            save sector number
0000:7D70 33D2        XOR     DX,DX                zero DX
0000:7D72 F7361A7C    DIV     WORD PTR [7C1A]      div number of heads
0000:7D76 8816257C    MOV     [7C25],DL            save head number
0000:7D7A A34D7C      MOV     [7C4D],AX            save cylinder number
0000:7D7D F8          CLC                          clear carry
0000:7D7E C3          RET                          return


0000:7D7F F9          STC                          set carry


0000:7D80 C3          RET                          return


                              The caller of this routine supplies:
                                 AL = number of sectors to read
                                 ES:BX = memory location to read into
                                 and CHS address to read from in
                                 memory locations 7c25 and 7C4d-7c4f.

0000:7D81 B402        MOV     AH,02                INT 13 read sectors
0000:7D83 8B164D7C    MOV     DX,[7C4D]            get cylinder number
0000:7D87 B106        MOV     CL,06                shift count
0000:7D89 D2E6        SHL     DH,CL                shift upper cyl left 6 bits
0000:7D8B 0A364F7C    OR      DH,[7C4F]            or in sector number
0000:7D8F 8BCA        MOV     CX,DX                move to CX
0000:7D91 86E9        XCHG    CH,CL                CH=cyl lo, CL=cyl hi + sect
0000:7D93 8A16247C    MOV     DL,[7C24]            drive number
0000:7D97 8A36257C    MOV     DH,[7C25]            head number
0000:7D9B CD13        INT     13                   read sectors
0000:7D9D C3          RET                          return

Data not used.

0000:7D90 ca86e98a 16247c8a 36257ccd 13c3.... *.....$|.6%|...  *

Messages here.

0000:7D90 ........ ........ ........ ....0d0a *              ..*
0000:7Da0 4e6f6e2d 53797374 656d2064 69736b20 *Non-System disk *
0000:7Db0 6f722064 69736b20 6572726f 720d0a52 *or disk error..R*
0000:7Dc0 65706c61 63652061 6e642070 72657373 *eplace and press*
0000:7Dd0 20616e79 206b6579 20776865 6e207265 * any key when re*
0000:7De0 6164790d 0a00.... ........ ........ *ady...          *

MS DOS hidden file names (first two root directory entries).

0000:7De0 ........ ....494f 20202020 20205359 *      IO      SY*
0000:7Df0 534d5344 4f532020 20535953 000055aa *SMSDOS   SYS..U.*

The last two bytes contain a 55AAH signature.

0000:7Df0 ........ ........ ........ ....55aa *              U.*

Page updated 06 May 2002.