AHCCMDT AHCI Command Test Program

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AHCCMDT - AHCI Command Test Program


The full version of AHCCMDT for DOS is FREE. See below.

Note: Now that AHCI and SATA are stable interfaces it is unlikely there will be any major updates to this program in the future. Except for a few minor updates the most recent updates to this program happened several years ago.

Brief description: AHCCMDT executes random and sequential write/read commands with data compare using LBA48, LBA28 and CHS. AHCCMDT works with AHCI Serial ATA host controllers and Serial ATA hard disk drives. AHCCMDT also issues many other ATA commands including power management commands, COMRESET including random changes to the SATA interface speed, Soft Reset, and SATA Partial and Slumber requests. AHCCMDT supports write/read command sector counts of 1 to 65536 and logical sector sizes from 512 to 32768 bytes.

System Requirements: An x86 PCI bus system with at least 1GB of memory, at least one AHCI SATA host controller, a floppy or USB device for booting DOS. Intel AHCI host controllers are recommended [but we would be happy to help you discover why some other brands of AHCI host controllers exhibit a variety of hang and error conditions that are not seen on Intel host controllers.]

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Page updated 01 Jan 2022.