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AHCDEMO - AHC Demonstration

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Note: Now that AHCI and SATA are stable interfaces it is unlikely there will be any major updates to this program in the future. Except for a few minor updates the most recent updates to this program happened several years ago.

Brief description: A program to assemble and execute any ATA or ATAPI command on a SATA device attached to an AHCI host controller.. The free/demo version supports only interactive operation. The commercial/full version supports interactive and script files and many additional functions. AHCDEMO uses the AHCIDRVR to perform the actual low level AHCI/SATA/ATA I/O functions.

Here is a partial list of the functions supported by AHCDEMO:

Note: If you are testing SATA ATA devices you need AHCDEMO! If you are testing PATA ATA devices you need ATADEMO.

System Requirements: An x86 PCI bus system with at least 1GB of memory, at least one AHCI SATA host controller, a floppy or USB device for booting DOS. Intel AHCI host controllers are recommended [but we would be happy to help you discover why some other brands of AHCI host controllers exhibit a variety of hang and error conditions that are not seen on Intel host controllers.]

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Page updated 01 Jan 2022.