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ATACT - ATA Command Test

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NOTE: ATACT is an old Parallel ATA (PATA) and CompactFlash (CF) testing program. If you are testing Serial ATA (SATA) devices you should be using the newer program AHCCMDT. ATACT version 5A0 is the last release of ATACT.


The full version of ATACT is now FREE. See below.

Note: If you are testing SATA devices you really should be using AHCCMDT.

Brief description: A random location and random data write/read test for ATA hard disk drives but it also issues all the other "standard" ATA commands including power management commands. ATACT uses the ATADRVR to perform the actual low level ATA I/O functions.

ATACT uses all of the ATA mandatory commands and some of the optional commands (if the device supports them) while testing. ATACT expects a device to fully support the ATA-x and ATA/ATAPI-x standards including large data transfers, changes to the CHS geometry and sectors per multiple block, enable/disable read/write caching and unusual command sequences without corrupting data.

48-bit LBA commands are supported with data transfers up to 65536 sectors in PIO and DMA mode.

ATACT supports a wide range of PCI Bus Mastering ATA host adapters. And all PCMCIA PC Card ATA I/O and memory interface modes are supported. Please download the free/demo version. Also downlowd the full ATACT documentattion.

ATACT has been updated to support Serial ATA (SATA) devices. SATA seems to have lots of problems and ATACT seems to be able to find many, if not all, of these problems. These problems appear as timeout errors, data corruption errors and other strange events. If you are testing SATA ATA devices you need ATACT!

CLICK HERE to get the free full version of ATACT.

Page updated 19 Aug 2019.